Monday, May 12, 2008

More Pictures

The Blog only lets me post 5 pictures at a time, so here are a few more. They also don't let me label them, so the ones on this post are: kitchen, master bedroom, and some of Connor. Enjoy!

So I'm a little behind............

The last time I posted a blog (over 2 months ago....I know, I'm terrible) I think they hadn't even cleared our land, or if they had, that's about all they had done.

I am very excited to say...our house is built! They put up sheetrock last week, and will patch, sand, and paint this week. We met with our builder a couple of weeks ago, and he tells us that we should be able to close and move in sometime in June :) Very exciting stuff.

In other news, we have had some developments that are NOT house related. Connor turned 6, if you can believe it. He also started playing T-Ball. We took a trip to Atlanta over his Spring Break to visit with my great aunt and uncle, cousins, and saw my brother, too. We also hit the Coke Museum and the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta, had lunch with my brother Paul at the CNN center (where I bought Connor an AWESOME Hank Aaron Braves shirt at the Braves Clubhouse), and had a relly good time. Atlanta is a great city with so much to do.

We spent this past Saturday in Darlington, SC at the Darlington Raceway with Kevin's mom, step dad, and brother, watching the Dodge 500. As you know, I am from the South, so you would think the Nascar gene would be dominant in me, as Nascar people are, according to Kevin, "my people." He enjoyed finding the most Redneck looking people there (and there were LOTS) and reminding me that I was amongst my people. However, this was my first foray into the Nascar arena, and as much as it pains me to admit it, I really enjoyed myself. You can't help but get caught up in the excitement, and the sound of those cars is powerful. I, being a girl, chose my driver solely on his car---the M&M's Indiana Jones car driven by Kyle Busch. Little did I know that he is not well liked amongst the Nascar people. But apparently I choose well, as he won. Who knew???

So, that's about it on our front. Connor wraps up his Kindergarten year on June 5th, Kevin is spending a lot of tome on the road (I am convinced he has a girlfriend who works for US Air, as that is usually what he flies,) and I was just put on the PTA Executive Board for Connor's school next year, whatever that means.

I have posted LOTS of pictures on this particular blog....forgive me. But We have documented the process of building the house, and we are happy to share. I will try to label the pictures as best as I can, so you know what you are looking at! (Forgive the weird bluish tint on the pic of the front of the house.........I took it at dusk, and got the weird lighting.)

Until next time (whenever that may be........) we send you our love and extend the invitation to visit. Once we are settled in, we will have plenty of room, and would love to see you all :)