Friday, February 15, 2008

Details, Details

Well, we went yesterday to choose the fine details of the house, and it was more fun (and less stress) than I thought it was going to be. I was envisioning miles of countertop and cabinets and carpeting to choose from, and imagining 3 hours just to pick out which color I wanted for them. I think Kevin was slightly (maybe highly) relieved when the entire process took only about an hour. It helps to have begged the price list off of the sales lady before going to the Design Center so that you walk in knowing what IS and is NOT in the budget.

We chose Corian countertops, Maple cabinets with a Spice finish, and Hardwood for our foyer. We even splurged a little bit and opted for granite around the fireplace instead of slate, and a tile backsplash in the kitchen. I did NOT get ceramic tile in the kitchen, as I tend to drop things, and ceramic tile is not very forgiving. So we upgraded the vinyl, and I think it will all look very nice.

Next up is the meeting with the security and wiring lady to discuss the security system, surround sound, etc.

In other news, we are leaving today for several days in Fairfax with Mom and Dad. Connor has Monday off for President's Day and Tuesday off for a Teacher workday, so we are taking advantage of the time off to get out of town for a bit. Except for the drive, it should be a fun trip. Please pray for us that our dog, all 8 pounds of him, manages to NOT be continuously carsick. I actually went to PetSmart yesterday and bought a booster seat so he can see out of the window and Benadryl to knock him out (after checking with the vet, of course.) I sincerely believe that Kevin feels his mandhood is being threatened with all of this. And I can't really blame him. I felt kind of stupid, too, buying a booster seat for a dog. But they say it works, and I really don't want to spend an 8 hour drive cleaning puppy vomit.

So, that is really about it for us. I am off to finish packing, and Connor and Kevin are headed out for a Field Trip to a local Nature Preserve. I will update when we return with pictures of our trip.

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He is not thrilled that I remembered, I'm sure. He likes to forget that he is getting older.)

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